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"I purchased some land in Union County in hopes of building a new home in the future. My first priority was getting the land paid for and to use the time to interview builders. I was looking for a builder that specialized in brick ranch designs. I am a visual person and really needed to see the finished product to be certain of the craftsman's work."

"I came across an ad in the Marysville Journal Tribune, featuring a builder, whose signs I had seen. They were having an open house on Sunday for a newly built home. I decided to take a drive and see their work."

"The home I visited was a brick ranch, exactly what I had hoped to see. The home had just received its final inspection and was waiting on the occupancy permit. The home owner allowed Mr. Meadows to do an open house before they moved in which spoke volumes to me. I had heard how stressful the building process is from friends, and this was a pleasant surprise."

"There wasn't any grass growing at this particular home, so I had to enter the home thru the garage. One of the first things I noticed was the garage was finished. I hadn't even thought about this and couldn't remember seeing this in other builders floor plans. As I said, I am visual and these things jump out at me."

"This builder offered several different ranch designs and some two-story plans that I really had no interest in. After looking thru the model, Mr. Meadows approached me to see if I had any questions. I immediately inquired about the finished garage and he told me that was a standard feature in his homes. He also informed me that the brick on this particular home was also standard. We walked thru the home again together, so he could point out the standard features as well as the upgrades this particular home owner asked for. I took home some floor plans and literature to begin my process."

"I started noticing Mr. Meadows signs a lot more often after this weekend. They were probably always there, but now I was noticing them. What I thought was unique in the first open house, I began to start seeing more often. I ended up visiting 3 different open houses, and each one was different. At the second open house, I met the home owner and was able to ask questions about the building process. The couple was open and honest and shared their experience. I can't tell you how much this conversation helped me cope with the process I was about to undertake."

"About 8 months later, after much research, I choose Mr. Meadows to build my family's home. I was glad to hear that Mr. Meadows took care of pulling all the building permits and gave me a schedule of what to expect. Our first home took about 6 months to complete. Yes, I said our first home. I ended up selling this home 2 years later and hired Mr. Meadows to build a larger one for our growing family."

"I won't bore you with every detail of the building process. It is a stressful process watching your home being built and having lots of questions. There are good days and bad days but I think the key is the communication process one has with their builder. Mr. Meadows gave us his personal cell phone and always took my call or returned it promptly to answer our questions. That was the difference for me. I know first hand that building a home isn't a science, and there will be some days to try your patience. Every question and every problem I had, was resolved."

“When I am ready to sell and build another home, Steve Meadows will be the first person that I contact.”